Thursday, July 19, 2018

NIOTransportServices: SwiftNIO and Network.framework

Cory Benfield (tweet):

The SwiftNIO team is thrilled to announce the release of NIOTransportServices. NIOTransportServices provides NIO users with a complete collection of EventLoops, EventLoopGroups, and Channels to help users use Network.framework with a SwiftNIO API.


Network.framework provides NIO with a number of powerful tools, including a richer connection lifecycle, access to a user-space TCP stack, and full support for operating on iOS and tvOS, including appropriate integration to the radios on mobile devices that is not possible with the socket API. Additionally it enables powerful networking technologies not currently supported in the mainline of SwiftNIO, such as MPTCP. Finally, it provides first-class integration with Apple’s platform TLS implementation, allowing users to avoid the burden of using OpenSSL or LibreSSL on Apple platforms.

Previously: SwiftNIO.

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