Friday, July 6, 2018

Shortcuts Beta

Michael Rockwell:

Shortcuts may feature some new actions and tweaks to the interface, but it’s every bit the Workflow we’ve grown to love.


The app does offer the ability to share shortcuts, but it looks like the option to generate a unique URL is gone. I hope this returns in a future release.


IFTTT, Evernote, Slack, Instapaper, Pocket, and GIPHY actions are no longer available. Hopefully we’ll see them return. Especially IFTTT — it opened up an entire world of web services and applications that would otherwise be difficult to integrate with.

There are a number of new actions available in Shortcuts. Run JavaScript on Safari Web Page, Markup, Send and Request Payments, and Share with iCloud Photo Sharing are the most interesting to me. And with their newfound access to private APIs, there are now actions for toggling Bluetooth, Airplane Mode, Cellular Data, Do Not Disturb, Low Power Mode, and Wi-Fi.

Jordan Merrick:

Siri Suggestions is an interesting feature. Based on your behavior, it offers a selection of actions that you’ve done before, such as view an article in Apple News or open an email you’ve recently read. These are actions you can’t replicate in Shortcuts, but they’re a bit limited in scope for the time being.


Some of my workflows no longer work, though exactly why is a bit of a mystery. Granted, these are really complex workflows, but they run fine in Workflow. I need to dig deeper into Shortcuts to see what might be causing it.

Federico Viticci:

More highlights from Shortcuts beta:

- Scriptable Do Not Disturb (!!) and other device settings

- Third-party URL schemes fully supported

- Show Result for Siri with Magic Variables

- New payment actions based on SiriKit

Previously: Apple Acquires Workflow.

Update (2018-07-06): CGP Grey:

I’ve only been able to play with the new shortcuts app for a bit but I’m going to double down on what I said on Cortex: this may be one of the best software acquisitions ever. Apple is lucky to have the workflow team on board and smart to have given them such free rein.

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