Thursday, June 28, 2018

AT&T More Than Doubles Administrative Fee

Juli Clover:

The fee hike was first noticed by BTIG Research analyst Walter Piecyk (via CNBC), who pointed out that AT&T has increased its monthly fees by approximately $1.23 in 2018 with two price hikes in April and June. Customers are now paying $1.99 in administrative fees, up from 76 cents last year.

I’ve been using an old iPhone to experiment with switching to Boom Mobile, as it now supports Visual Voicemail. The red (Verizon) network seems to have better coverage than AT&T in most places that I care about. The rates and customer service seem to be better. The main downsides seem to be that there’s no support for Wi-Fi calling or international roaming. I ran into a few glitches with the Web site and had to use the chat to get them to make the necessary changes to my account, but that was surprisingly quick.

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Thanks for reporting in on this! Verizon network coverage is substantially better than AT&T or T-Mobile in and around our house, so if we can get set up on the Verizon network for roughly the same price we're paying for Ting ($60/month for 3 people), the coverage boost would be a welcome upgrade.

Yep, always check the MVNOs and even the other carrier owned prepaid brands (Cricket, Boost, Virgin, etc.), might be surprised at the deals that can be unearthed.

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