Tuesday, June 26, 2018

macOS Mojave: Back to the Mac

Jason Snell:

macOS Mojave feels like a macOS update that’s truly about the Mac, extending features that are at the core of the Mac’s identity. At the same time, macOS Mojave represents the end of a long era (of stability or, less charitably, stagnation) and the beginning of a period that could completely redefine what it means to use a Mac.

Is macOS Mojave the latest chapter of an ongoing story, the beginning of a new one, or the end of an old one? It feels very much like the answer is yes and yes and yes.

Update (2018-06-29): Daniel Eran Dilger:

While reviewing the Public Beta in advance, it repeatedly occured to me that the overall intent of this release is to make the Mac the ideal computing system for iOS users. As I run through the new features, you’ll see what I mean.

Update (2018-07-26): Colin Cornaby:

New App Store has Marzipan patterns and they just feel weird to me. Navigation controllers and in window modal sessions. The navigation controllers feel least weird. But the in window models just leave me feeling like things are in the wrong place with a Done button.

(New App Store is not a Marzipan app, but if this is the direction Apple wants to go with AppKit apps, bleh.)

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"Recent apps in Dock": I both like and dislike this feature. It depends on the size of the display I'm using.

Oh dear. I think Jason Snell needs to go lie down in the darkened room normally reserved for John Gruber. It’s a regular incremental update to a mature product, and one that’s driven by marketing—not engineering—at that. Less said about lipsticking the obsolete joke that is Finder, the better.

Frankly I’d be a lot more impressed in Apple if they just fixed all the damn bugs and kept the malware detection up to date. The crustiness I can live with; the kernel panics and other problems, not so much.

Do we know if the Quick Actions feature that Jason mentions is replacing Services in some way? Or is this just a way of surfacing Services in an app's GUI as opposed to its menu?

@remmah The latter, I think.

Ok, good to know. Given the upcoming Apple Event sandboxing, I just wonder what else is being changed that will disrupt existing automation workflows...

Unless Apple fixes their hardware, I couldn't care less about macOS.

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