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iOS 12 Beta: Easier-to-Access Trackpad Mode

Federico Viticci:

Previously available only on 3D Touch-enabled iPhones or with a two-finger swipe on the iPad’s keyboard, trackpad mode can be activated in a much easier way in iOS 12: just tap & hold on the space bar until the keyboard becomes a trackpad. This mode (seemingly inspired by Gboard and other custom keyboards with a similar implementation) gives owners of iPhones without 3D Touch a way to more precisely control the cursor in text fields.

Update (2018-06-26): Craig Pearlman:

Leaving the 3D Touch alive/dead argument aside, I actually find the spacebar activation easier and more responsive even with 3D Touch.


One of my predictions is that Apple will make the spacebar on their hardware keyboards for iPads into a similar kind of trackpad for quick positioning of the cursor.

iPad already uses two-finger drag for trackpad mode.

Oh, you said *hardware* keyboard. Never mind.

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