Monday, June 25, 2018

reMarkable Tablet

Omar Shahine:

I’ve been using a reMarkable Tablet for 3 months. The reMarkable is a kindle like device that simulates the experience of writing on paper.


Well the hardware is pretty great. The device is light as a feather. The screen is great, like a Kindle Oasis. The size is perfect. The pen has a friction feel to it and in fact the tips wear down like a real pencil. The device comes with 10 replacement tips - in 3 months I have worn 1 down and I use the device every day for about 4 hours.


If you evaluate it through the lens of paper pads, well it’s pretty close. You cannot easily “move” and “re-arrange” pages. You make decisions up front about how to store notes (folders, notebooks, pages).

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