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Friday, June 1, 2018

Differ: Swift Library to Generate Differences and Patches Between Collections

Tony Arnold:

Differ generates the differences between Collection instances (this includes Strings!).

It uses a fast algorithm (O((N+M)*D)) to do this.


Utilities for updating UITableView and UICollectionView in UIKit, and NSTableView and NSCollectionView in AppKit

10 Strikes and You’re Out

John Gruber:

I had no idea until I looked into it last weekend, but it turns out this feature is far more clever than I realized, and it’s highly unlikely that your kids or jackass drinking buddies could ever trigger it. After the 5th failed attempt, iOS requires a 1-minute timeout before you can try again. During this timeout the only thing you can do is place an emergency call to 911. After the 6th attempt, you get a 5-minute timeout. After the 7th, 15 minutes. These timeouts escalate such that it would take over 3 hours to enter 10 incorrect passcodes.

It seems pretty clear from the responses to my poll that I wasn’t alone in thinking that this feature was more dangerous than it really is. I’ve got it turned on now, and I can’t think of a good reason why anyone wouldn’t enable this.

I avoided the feature for the same reason he did.

See also: The Talk Show.

macOS 10.13.5

Howard Oakley (MacRumors):

The only new user feature identified by Apple is Messages in iCloud, which Apple states is a feature of High Sierra only; there is no comparable option in the Sierra version of the Messages app. The High Sierra update still seems very large: its App Store download is 2.12 GB in size.

There is no mention of whether 10.13.5 extends support for APFS to Fusion Drives.

The list of security fixes is quite long, and contains some important ones.

The combo updater is here.

Update (2018-06-02): Kirk McElhearn:

It’s surprising that Apple hasn’t rolled AirPlay 2 into macOS. You have long been able to stream to multiple speakers from the Mac, using iTunes, and that is new on iOS with AirPlay 2, but the inability for the Mac to be able to use AirPlay 2 and see a stereo pair of HomePods is surprising.

Nicholas Riley:

iCloud sync seems completely stuck on my desktop Mac across apps. Photos stop in December 2017; iMessage sync has been running for >12 hours without any visible progress. Ideas?

Update (2018-06-02): Since updating, I’ve had frequent problems with my Magic Mouse disconnecting. Once, Bluetooth even turned itself off, and I was not able to re-enable it until after restarting.

Halide: One Year Later

Ben Sandofsky (tweet):

For indie developers, a healthy way to look at profits is opportunity cost. If you took the hours spent on your own app and applied those toward freelancing, would you make more money?

We’re lucky to have no such dilema. Our launch immediately recouped the year of development costs. Our monthly revenue absolutely beats freelancing, and justifies ongoing development. Halide has a bright future ahead.


We launched at $2.99, and later bumped the price to $4.99. Last month, we increased the price to $5.99, which is in-line with other camera apps. Price changes have had no significant impact on profit.

I like the app, but (due to iOS limitations) there’s no way to access it from the lock screen or Control Center, and it doesn’t support HDR.