Thursday, May 17, 2018

UIs That Amass Memories

Marcin Wichary (via Nick Heer):

Fascinated by UIs that accidentally amass memories. One of them is the wi-fi “preferred networks” pane – unexpected reminders of business trips, vacations, accidental detours, once frequented and now closed cafés.

Another? The alarm page and its history of painful negotiations with early mornings. (One of these, I’m sure, was for a lunar eclipse; another for sending a friend in Europe a “good luck” text.)

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Man. No kidding. Alarms are the worst. WiFi connection history is strangely not a problem because I purge mine regularly. Amazon always has weird billing addresses and methods of payment. Like the one time I ship something to a friend and I'm like, "Whoah, haven't seen that lady in a while."

Lot of interesting breadcrumbs about us found by digging into these "memories".

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