Tuesday, May 15, 2018

When Disappearing Messages Don’t Disappear

Patrick Wardle:

In short, Alec noted that if using the macOS Signal App, disappearing messages may remain in macOS’s Notification Center. Yikes!


While the application deletes the messages (once the ‘disappear’ time is hit) from the app’s UI - the message may still remain in macOS’s Notification Center.

This apparently occurs because:

  1. Signal displays (posts) a message notification (with the content of the message) to the Notification Center (if the app is not in the foreground).
  2. The OS automatically dismisses the notification ‘banner’ … but the notification (which contains the message contents) remain in the Notification Center.
  3. Signal, does not explicitly delete this notification when it deletes messages from the app UI.

Even if it did delete the notifications, the data might still remain in the SQLite database file.

Previously: TextExpander 5 and Notification Center Privacy.

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