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Pre-Announcing AirPower

Nick Heer:

Imagine an alternate universe where the AirPower and the wireless charging case for the AirPods weren’t announced until, say, the opening keynote of WWDC this year with same-day availability. Sure, buyers of iPhones and Apple Watches that were released last year would have to suffer through several tedious months of wondering why Apple didn’t make their own charging pad because many of the ones out there right now aren’t very good, but the reaction to its then-immediate availability would have been a classic example of underpromising and overdelivering.

Instead, people are disappointed, and Apple looks bad.

Update (2018-05-01): Nick Heer:

One thing everyone seems to be getting wrong about the AirPower mat is that it is late or delayed. It isn’t. Schiller promised “2018”. The only reference to “early 2018” was in a couple of ads.


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