Friday, April 27, 2018

Drive Genius Lite

Prosoft Engineering:

Drive Genius Lite automatically monitors your Mac using Drive Pulse™ technology and will alert you when any potential harmful issues arise!

Drive Genius Lite Includes:

  • Automatic Drive Monitoring
  • Malware Detection
  • Professional Solution Recommendations
  • Hard Drive Failure Predictions

There used to be a free trial that included unlimited use of some of the less glamorous features, such as Physical Check, which is the one I use most often. Then they changed to a fully-featured 30-day trial, after which you could purchase the entire app for a single price.

Now, they’ve changed to four different packages of features that you can purchase. The Lite feature set (above) is included for free. I believe DrivePulse does scan for bad blocks, so that feature is still available for free in a different way. However, as a paid customer, I personally prefer to uninstall DrivePulse and invoke the tools manually.

Previously: Drive Genius 5.1 Adds High Sierra Compatibility.

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