Friday, April 20, 2018

When PNGs Suddenly Become JPEGs

Howard Oakley:

I wasted half an hour trying to get one screenshot yesterday, a good illustration of how workflows involving Pro-branded products with iCloud Drive may not deliver pro results.

But later last night, in discussion with those marvellous folk at @AppleSupport, they found me a workaround, and pinpointed where the problem must lie. When I take a screenshot, then view it in Photos, tap the Share icon there, and despatch it to iCloud Drive, that image is shown as a JPEG throughout, with the .JPG extension. When I take a screenshot and immediately tap its transient thumbnail at the bottom left, before it vanishes, and despatch it from there to my iCloud Drive, that remains a PNG with the extension .png (also note the lower case).


One important lesson for me is the value of the new Apple Support app available free from the iTunes App Store: I have installed this on my iPhone and iPad now, as it makes support calls so much easier. It’s a shame that Apple hasn’t yet produced a version for macOS.

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If you use iCloud Photo Library, that syncs them in .png. And it syncs them automatically, more or less quickly.

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