Thursday, April 5, 2018

Quiet By Design: Naomi Campbell Interviews Jony Ive

Jonathan Ive (via 9to5 Mac):

One of the defining things about the nature of ideas is just how fragile they are: when you’re not sure whether some-thing is going to work, the idea is vulnerable. Part of protecting the idea is to be careful about who you show it to; premature criticism can shut something down that perhaps deserves more of a chance.


Ultimately, Steve’s legacy is a set of values and, I think, the belief in trying. Often the quietest voices are the easiest to overlook, but he was brilliant at listening as well as leading and speaking. A lot of communication is listening – not just listening to figure out what you want to say in response.

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After the announcement that a new Mac Pro won't be coming until 2019, the remark about "listening" is nothing short of offensive.

Vogue interview for tech company? Okay then. That pretty much shuts the door on any pretense Apple cares what professionals need. For a consumer fashion gadget company, makes perfect sense. Sorry.

P.s. No disrespect intended to Naomi Campbell, I'm sure she did a great job with the interview.

Nathan you might want to broaden your horizons a little bit.

Last night as a bedtime story, I discussed rsync and hard links with my daughter....oh I see what you mean. :) Then again, today's lessons included math, grammar discussions (then/than and further/farther), listened to a children's choir cover Crystal Castle's Untrust Us, had a discussion about civil rights, digital art with Corel Painter, and capped it off with my daughter relating Sonic memes to me. I'm doing just fine with diversity actually. Which makes sense as a 10th Level Chaotic Neutral Bard.

I'm just an unskilled worked in the 21st century that has to know a little bit about a lot. Home schooling seems to require the same broad but shallow approach; luckily, otherwise I would be in trouble! :) I don't have mastery of anything, but I try to dabble a little here and a little there. In fact, I do a lot of my home's layout of furniture. Even in relation to colors. I'm not actually adverse to design. I constantly harp on layout and living more efficiently. However, I'm still not reading Vogue to cover technology as they don't actually cover technology.

I did read the article, gave due respect to the interviewer, but it's abundantly clear Apple is a consumer design lifestyle company that happens to sell gadgets. If you feel otherwise, please engage. I'd rather read interesting opinions, even if they differ from mine, than have you blindly guess about my own personal interests.

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