Thursday, April 5, 2018

Instagram Disables APIs

Juli Clover (Hacker News):

Along with multiple privacy-related API changes being made to Facebook, Facebook, which owns Instagram, announced that it has disabled several Instagram Platform APIs as of today, disabling certain Instagram features that are available in third-party Instagram apps.

Third-party Instagram apps will no longer be able to use APIs that provide access to follower lists, likes, relationships, and public comments.

The actual changelog is not very clear, saying only that the APIs are “deprecated,” which normally means that they will be removed at some time in the future. In fact, they seem to have been turned off yesterday.


The important thing to note here is that these endpoints were scheduled for retirement at future dates; some in July 2018, some in Dec 2018. Today, with no prior announcement, these endpoints were abruptly retired.

Instagram had previously published a deprecation schedule for these endpoints, and threw that schedule out the window without notifying even Instagram Partners.

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