Monday, April 2, 2018

Carbon Copy Cloner and APFS Snapshots

Mike Bombich:

CCC 5.1 [in beta] offers support for point-in-time restores by leveraging the snapshot feature of Apple’s new APFS filesystem. CCC’s SafetyNet feature offered similar functionality to this in the past, but snapshots take it to a new level, allowing you to do things like restore a previous version of the OS and older versions of your Photos library.

CCC is also the first comprehensive snapshot management utility for macOS. Browsing the contents of any snapshot is just a click away, and should you want to delete a specific snapshot (whether created by CCC or Time Machine), just select it and press the Delete key. How much space are those snapshots consuming? CCC can tell you that. No other utility offers this much insight into your APFS volumes’ snapshots!

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Bombich keeps pumping out great releases! I will keep saying it anytime the opportunity arises, Carbon Copy Cloner is great software. People talk about killer apps all the time, but for me, solid, yet easy to use software for backup is so important. Totally underrated aspect. Everyone is cloud, cloud, cloud, cloud, but figuring out local backups is important too, and since you can SSH to server, not seeing any reason CCC can't backup to remote hosts either.

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