Friday, March 23, 2018

Kickstarter and Business Advice

Max Temkin:

Simplify your project as much as possible so that backers have an easy decision to make. If you have 30 levels of rewards, it can become paralyzing. Just confidently offer the best version of what you’re doing.


Don’t do any other gimmicks, tricks, or hacks to get money from Kickstarter. They will almost always backfire and make you look like an asshole. The whole point of Kickstarter is to test out your idea and see if it connects with an audience. If it does - great! You get to make your thing. If it doesn’t - that’s okay too! It’s an opportunity to figure out what didn’t work and fix it.

For the love of god figure out how much shipping is going to cost before you launch.


My biggest fear about dispensing advice and platitudes is that people will just try to do the same things that I did. But of course that won’t work. Working through the anxiety of not knowing what to do and emerging on the other side with an authentic understanding of what’s special about your game is not something you can hack your way out of; it is the creative process.

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