Friday, March 16, 2018

Designing Jank-Free Apps

Nathan Gitter:

Here’s an example of a visual glitch in the Messages app, caused by force-touching to “pop” a message followed immediately by tapping the back button.

These kinds of visual errors are not new to iOS 11, mobile apps, or user interfaces. As apps grow in complexity and user expectations rise, these seemingly small bugs can have a large impact on the final product. They make apps feel janky.


Be wary of animations that occur alongside the keyboard animation, and don’t assume you have full control over the keyboard. Hiding the keyboard without an animation is possible, but might cause complications later down the road.


If you are designing an element that animates between multiple states, make sure to consider all state transitions and edge cases.

Benjamin Mayo:

OMG Apple’s latest iPhone X ad includes a shot of the bugged notification bubbles (see thread for explanation)

Yes, I did file a radar on this months ago. I think it got closed as dupe. I’m way more concerned that this was signed off for the commercial.

Update (2018-03-17): See also: Tom Warren (Hacker News).

Update (2018-03-25): Rhett Jones (via Dan Masters):

Last week, a purely cosmetic bug in iOS 11 embarrassingly found its way into an Apple ad. Now, the ad is fixed, but the bug isn’t.

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