Friday, March 2, 2018

iOS Uses CFBundleName to Differentiate Apps

Kasuist (via Peter Steinberger):

To keep this service affordable to small businesses, we have a white label application that can be themed to their specifications. So everything is built from a single project.

Recently it got to the point where some customers would have a few of our apps installed.

We started getting tickets from users telling us that an app of ours was only working on WiFi. It took us a while to figure out what was actually going on.


Rather than using an apps unique BundleID to differentiate between applications, Apple is using BundleName instead. You can install any number of apps with the same BundleName on the same device as you like.

This means that should you turn mobile data off for one of these apps, the others will also be affected.

Felix Krause:

I’m gonna use the same CFBundleName as Safari, always have mobile data access

Ignacio Enriquez G:

Same problem with TouchID, install app 1 and app2 with same name and touch ID will always fail for app1. I don’t know who had this brilliant idea of using the bundle name instead of the bundle id.

Previously: Apple Narrows Ban on Templated Apps.

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