Tuesday, February 27, 2018

HomePod Positioning

Jean-Louis Gassée:

A venerable Valley story doctor was brought to the patient’s bedside and, in short order, offered a simple remedy: Position the Mac as a Graphics Based Business System (GBBS). The Business System part was adman puffery meant to project gravitas, but the reference to graphics made unarguable sense: The Mac’s Graphical User Interface (GUI) was clearly a distinguishing factor at the time.

Everyone in the room loved the idea. Rather than take on the whole market, Apple would define and dominate a niche. As the Valley marketing sage put it (quoting Julius Caesar), better to be the chief of a small village in the Alps than second-in-command in Rome.


Back to today: Is there an Alpine hamlet that the HomePod can claim as its own?


Here, we have to pause and realize that the answers to the HomePod JTBD question are fragile and incomplete because the product itself is incomplete.

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