Thursday, February 22, 2018

Avast Antivirus False Positives for Apps That Use Swift


AVG Anti-virus quarantined two files today. Both were instances of libswiftDispatch.dylib from the Applications/ AVG says they are MacOS:BitCoinMiner-AS[Trj].


Suddenly one of Swift’s standard library files is considered a bitcoin miner.

Dave Nanian:

Avast is finding a false-positive bitcoin mining trojan in libswiftDispatch.dylib. If it quarantines the file, you will break many applications, including SuperDuper.

There is NO Trojan in our app (or the others it’s flagging)…

Howard Oakley:

The Avast and AVG detection libraries should be updated very shortly to address this error.

Update (2018-02-22): Dave Nanian:

One last follow-up regarding Avast’s really dumb mistake. They actually flagged THEMSELVES!

What this seriously shows is that they don’t really test on the Mac. AV apps are really focused on Windows.

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We also got a false positive from Avast/AVG in our sparkle framework which caused Hype to stop working for many users.

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