Tuesday, February 6, 2018

BBEdit 12.1

Bare Bones Software:

BBEdit is now built as a 64-bit application. This works around various reported bugs in the OS and has other beneficial side effects: the application starts more quickly on a “cold” launch; 64-bit color pickers and contextual-menu plug-ins are now available; and our customers are even more handsome and athletic than before.


When the “Match window appearance to selected editor color scheme” setting is turned on (as it is by default), BBEdit will use a light or dark (system-defined) appearance for the window title bar, appropriate to the color scheme.


Made a change to significantly improve performance when soft-wrapping long documents to the window width.


When using “Compare Against Previous Version”, the previous-version file now includes the time stamp as part of the file name, to make it easier to see which version of the file you’re comparing against.

Not being affected by 32-bit-only macOS bugs is a bigger deal than you would think.

Previously: BBEdit 12.

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