Friday, January 26, 2018

2017 Six Colors Apple Report Card

Jason Snell:

It’s time for our annual look back on Apple’s performance during the past year, as seen through the eyes of writers, editors, developers, podcasters, and other people who spend an awful lot of time thinking about Apple.

This is the third year that I’ve presented this survey to a hand-selected group. They were prompted with 11 different Apple-related subjects, and asked to rate them on a scale from 1 to 5, as well as optionally provide text commentary on their vote.

My grades were pretty much in line with the panel’s except on Cloud Services. I’m still seeing basic reliability issues with iCloud Drive, iCloud Photo Library, iMessage, and Siri.

Previously: Six Colors’ 2016 Apple Report Card, Apple in 2018.

Update (2018-01-26): Nick Heer:

When I posted last year’s report card, I noted that 2016 was a bad year for software quality. 2017 makes 2016 look alright by comparison.

Nick Heer:

That’s what I get for praising iCloud yesterday.

Update (2018-01-27): See also: Hacker News.

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