Thursday, January 11, 2018

Running Old iOS Versions

Apple Toolbox:

We were surprised to find out today that Apple is suddenly allowing users to downgrade their operating systems. If you have an older iPhone or an older iPad and were always a big fan of the older iOS and wished you had never upgraded your device, this may be your window of opportunity.


It appears that this was a mistake at Apple. The window of opportunity only lasted a few hours. They have stopped signing older iOS versions now.

Steve Troughton-Smith:

It’s a little frustrating that enabling the installation of older iOSes is a switch that Apple can [accidentally] flick at will, yet developers asked for firmware downgrades for years to set up test devices 🤷 (I know, testing is an alien concept to current Apple… 🙃)


Our Corellium Hypervisor for ARM enables us to run virtual iPhones in the cloud with game-changing features like:

  • Run any version of iOS
  • On demand thread list & kernel backtrace
  • Optional jailbreak for any version
  • Web-based debugging
  • And much more!

Did they get a special license from Apple to do this?

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