Thursday, December 28, 2017

Twitter’s Weeds

Manton Reece:

Because tweets don’t exist outside of Twitter, when you’re banned, you’re done. For this reason, and because their business depends on a large user base, Twitter is hesitant to throw anyone off their service. They’re unwilling to tend the garden for fear of pulling too many weeds.

Imagine instead a service based on blogs, where the internal posts on the platform were the same format as the external posts. The curators of the platform would have more freedom to block harassing posts and ban nazis because those problematic users could always retreat to their own web site and leave everyone else in the community alone.

That’s how the web is supposed to work. It’s a core principle of

I hope this can work, but as with and Gab I find it hard to think about using a second service alongside Twitter.

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Thanks for the link! Since you blog frequently already, you can just add your existing RSS feed to @mjtsai on without thinking so much about maintaining a "second service". Some users treat as their first place to post and Twitter as an afterthought, but the reverse is also fine.

@Manton What happens to replies and mentions in that scenario? I assume I’d need to monitor them somewhere…

@Michael You could open the iOS or Mac app every once in a while to see them. Or if you add the Webmention plugin for WordPress, replies from will be copied directly to your site as comments. Here's an example of what that can look like:

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