Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Broken Photos Drag and Drop

Ilja A. Iwas (tweet):

For almost a year now you cannot drag images from Photos to Safari, and in extension every other macOS application that uses WebViews, like our own GarageSale and many other 3rd party apps that work with images.

Imagine that: The default image handling app on the Mac platform cannot communicate via drag & drop with the default browser. And that’s been going on for almost a year now. On the desktop platform that used to excel in drag & drop!

Not a day goes by without frustrated users in asking our support team why GarageSale cannot receive drags from Photos.

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I get caught by this on almost a daily basis - I have to remember to drag to the desktop, then from the desktop, then delete. It's very frustrating, and so is the Media Browser (in Finder "Open File..." dialogs) - which is near unusable if you're looking to old-ish pictures, and looks like it hasn't been updated in ages....

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