Thursday, December 7, 2017

Amazon Prime Video Finally Available for Apple TV

Chance Miller:

As announced in the Amazon Prime Video iOS app release notes, the Apple TV Amazon Prime Video app is now rolling out. The release notes say users have to download a separate tvOS app, which apparently will work on the third-generation Apple TV as well.

The Apple TV 3 doesn’t run tvOS or have downloadable apps, however the Amazon icon automatically showed up on my Apple TV 3. It seems that Amazon wrote a separate app using the legacy Apple TV SDK—much appreciated—and Apple auto-installed it for everyone. This is despite the Apple TV itself not getting any software updates in years.

John Gruber:

I’ve heard there is indeed a good story behind this delay.

Steve Troughton-Smith:

TL;DR it’s no wonder Amazon took so long in porting their app to tvOS; it’s a giant, [presumably] in-house web-based multi-headed hydra designed for a hundred different devices and consoles that probably needed a new UI glue layer for tvOS (but probably doesn’t use webviews)

Andrew Abernathy:

Like Netflix before it, Amazon Prime Video has a “Settings” section in the app that doesn’t actually have any settings. Have to go to web site to turn off auto-playing the next episode. I don’t understand this. So hostile.

One huge advantage of Amazon Prime Video over Netflix on Apple TV is that you can actually rest on a video for a moment without a trailer starting up and blaring at you.

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