Tuesday, November 7, 2017

iPhone X Exclusive Ringtone

Benjamin Mayo (MacRumors):

One small nicety included with the iPhone X is a new ringtone called ‘Reflection’. Until now, every iPhone has defaulted to the ‘Opening’ ringtone since iOS 7.

‘Reflection’ is not only exclusive, but the default for fresh iPhone X setups.

I don’t recall Apple doing something like this before.

Jacob Kleinman (via Shawn King):

If you’re looking to status signal without dropping $1,000 (or just really like the way “Reflection” sounds), there’s a way to get the new ringtone on your current iPhone right now for free.


The first thing you’ll need to do is download the Reflection audio file onto a Mac or PC. You can grab the ringtone from MediaFire right here.

Next, connect your iPhone to that computer via USB and launch iTunes. Then open the folder with your downloaded copy of Reflection and drag the file into iTunes. Drop it in the left side of the window under Tones, which should show up below your iPhone’s name.

I’m not sure what the legality of this is. Presumably, every iOS 11 user already has a copy of the ringtone file, direct from Apple, but iOS just isn’t letting them select it.

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