Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Quicken 2018 Switches to Subscription

Zac Hall:

Mac customers now have more options for Quicken versions for the first time with Starter, Deluxe, and Premier versions offered. Starter is priced from $34.99/year, Deluxe from $49.99/year, and Premier from $74.99/year so Quicken customers on the Mac can now pick which version is best based on their needs.


Quicken 2018 shifts the pricing scheme from paid annual upgrades to a new annual subscription plan. Year-long subscriptions are available online while two-year plans that include different price points (full prices below) are available through retail channels.

Quicken 2017 and 2015 were both $75 ($64.59 at Amazon), with a $10 discount for upgrades. I’m not a Quicken user, and the different versions (some not available for Mac) are confusing enough that I’m not sure whether this is a price increase or just a change in model.


Like others, I’m annoyed with Quicken for forcing upgrades without delivering added value. Previously, they disallowed online access after three years. Now that have reduced that to ONE year. I’ve used Quicken since it came on 3.5 inch floppy disks (remember them?) but for a while now have been searching for an alternative on my Mac. Quite honestly, there isn’t anything that is as robust as Quicken for Windows - Mac included. I run a VM with Windows just for Quicken.


I have grudgingly paid these guys every three years to keep my downloads working. All I have for this is a tweaked interface. With this model, they have tripled my cost.

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I was Quicken user / hostage as well. A few years ago switched to Moneydance (http://moneydance.com/) and have not looked back.

I would recommend people take a look at Banktivity. I switched to it years ago and haven’t looked back.

I have used Quicken since it came out on floppies.

I own a computer business and have quit recommending the product to all my customers.

I also have used Quicken for many years since the 1990's I was happy to buy /upgrade the product every 3-4 years at my own discretion. I will not be using this product going forward as they obviously 'bully stick'/charge subscription fees for the once 'basic ability' to hook the SW to financial institutions? Did the cost of this 'basic ability' / functionality just go up? If NO and its always been high enough to impact margins, why didn't they disclose & charge Xtra for this functionality in the past? If the cost did go up, they should honor the previous agreements on older purchased SW and not just SHUT off the ability on 4/30. They can then DISCLOSE the new extra subscription cost & charge customers for 2018 or greater... I would have never bought the product in 2015 knowing I would have to pay yearly subscription fees $$ in less than 3 years to effectively use it..

I used Microsoft Money from its inception (early 90's) as it did everything I needed. When Microsoft discontinued MS Money I started using Quicken in 1996 until today (1/1/2019). I usually would buy a new Quicken every 2-3 years and was perfectly satisfied. I do not download data from my Bank or Credit Card companies so Quicken easily did the job for years. Yes, I knew Quicken was going to a so-called subscription (membership) when I bought Quicken 2018 but opted out of the auto-renewal thank goodness. I planned on buying the 2020 version but now I am faced with alerts on my Quicken 2018 screen and especially on the right side "Oh no! You're missing out" and I cannot get rid of the screen without renewing or buying a new one - I call it ransomware which it actually is. Being a V.P. of IT/System/Network/Security and Cyber-Security for a Bank for 30 years I have not seen this new type of robbery until now - Quicken probably calls it Legal Robbery. Since I do not download any data I searched for a new program. There are many free and several "pay for" programs. I downloaded several of the free and 3 of the pay programs on a trial basis. Low and behold I saw Microsoft Money Plus Deluxe and tried it out since I basically need only a check register with disbursements and scheduled bill pay. It is basically the same as the old MS Money but with many new features and it is free which was a surprise. Microsoft does not offer support for MS Money Plus Deluxe but the Help section is all that anyone would need - it will also import a Quicken file. So, today I am ditching Quicken and the thieves at H.I.G. Capital in Miami that own it.

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