Thursday, October 12, 2017

Ten Safari Long-Press Shortcuts

Benjamin Mayo:

Much of Safari’s advanced functionality is hidden behind ‘secret’ long-press gestures that you can’t really know about unless you try randomly … or someone tells you. We’ve rounded up all the Safari long press tips and tricks below, so you can take advantage of all the different shortcuts and features it offers.


New to iOS 11, it is actually possible to have Safari automatically launch Reader for select domains. This means you can view a particular website without distractions, in the streamlined reading-focused Safari Reader interface, automatically every single time.

Update (2017-10-13): Rob Mathers:

Long pressing an image also displays the alt-text, if there is any.

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I also thought that it's "hidden", but really it's all in the iOS manual. All Safari buttons are mentioned together with their function on "hold"

Nice list, thanks for the link. The only one i really knew about was long-press on an xkcd strip to get to the hidden "tooltip" :D

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