Monday, September 25, 2017

Surprising Behavior of Non-optional @NSManaged Properties

Arek Holko:

A few minutes (or more honestly hours) of debugging later, we notice that the name is an empty string only on instances that were deleted from a context and the context was saved. (Deletion of managed objects is unrelated to ARC, so we have objects living in memory even though they are already treated as deleted.)


As pointed out on Reddit replacement of nil with an empty string is actually caused by bridging from NSString to String.)


The same silent substitution happens for these types too:

  • numeric types use a value equal to 0
  • Data uses an empty Data instance

So this does not seem to be Core Data–specific. However:

This behavior spans relationships too. […] Can you guess what happens? We didn’t set up the user relationship, so we should get either a nil or a fatal error, right? Well, we don’t. An empty string is printed in this case too!

This is completely counter-intuitive when compared to the normal Swift code: event.user is nil, yet isn’t.

Here, event.user was declared as non-optional.

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