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Apple Maps in iOS 11

Jason Snell:

At long last, Apple Maps provides lane guidance, so you can see at a glance which lane you need to be in so that you can make your turn (or not make a turn you don’t want to make). In my testing, this feature was a bit spotty—at one point, a trip up the freeway didn’t show proper lane guidance, but the return trip down the freeway did. Still, when it’s there, it’s great, because it’s awfully nerve-wracking to not know whether you need to get over another lane.

Similarly, Apple Maps now displays the current Speed Limit for the road you’re driving on, a feature I’ve been using in other navigation apps for years. Again, better late than never.

Google Maps for iOS has had good lane guidance for a long time but doesn’t show the speed limit.

Update (2017-09-21): Ed Marczak:

Google Maps does show the speed limit…sometimes. It does in California, but not in NY, so 🤷

Corbin Davenport:

According to a post on the Android Auto support forum, the speed limit indicator is only live in the San Francisco Bay Area and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Waze has consistently shown the speed limit while driving for a couple of years now, easy. It even showed the proper speed limit for tiny, middle-of-nowhere Westcliffe, Colorado when we were there this past summer.

When I was in Silicon Valley a few weeks ago, Google Maps on my iPhone showed the speed limit while driving. But when I returned home (to northern VA) it didn't. I suspect Google needs to finish populating its database for this feature to be useful. Maybe it's just in "beta" right now.

I hope they bring it everywhere because it was really convenient.

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