Wednesday, September 6, 2017

1Password Command-line Tool Public Beta

Connor Hicks (via Rick Fillion):

The 1Password command-line tool makes your 1Password account accessible entirely from the command line. A simple op signin will securely authenticate you with the 1Password service and give you access to a wide range of capabilities[…]


One of the most frequent requests we receive from 1Password Teams customers is the ability to export the Activity Log. With the Pro plan, op list events makes it easy to ingest activity data into the application of your choosing. Be it Splunk, Kibana, Papertrail, or your own tool, op outputs JSON, so it’s simple to work with.

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Wow, Pro is really expensive with 144 USD a year plus taxes! 🤔

If you just want a command-line tool to read information out of a 1Password keychain, there are several around; I use 1pass ( Their promised Chrome extension (not requiring the 1Password app installed, which is an issue for me at work on Windows machines where I can't install software) may finally put me over the edge into paying them for an online account though. It doesn't look like the command-line tool requires Pro, just the event listing which would be useful for auditing — overkill for a single person. 1Password for Families is $60/year for up to 5 people, which is what we'd probably do.

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