Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Testing Auto-Renewable Subscriptions on iOS

David Barnard (tweet):

Subscriptions work differently in TestFlight, the sandbox, and live on the App Store, so testing them requires knowledge of those differences. This is my attempt to help sort out the mess and document it for others to reference.


It would be nice if the purchase flow while testing mirrored that of a live app on the App Store, but that’s just not the case for whatever reason.


For an app that has yet to be released on the App Store, getting an early version of the app approved is a great way to test subscriptions[…]

He suggests setting it to manual release and then sending out promo codes so that people can test the real app before it’s available to everyone.

Implementing and testing subscriptions sounds like it’s much more complicated than you would expect. The developer of Ulysses says that it took their highly regarded team 1.5 man-years and 22K lines of code to implement subscriptions.

Update (2018-04-20): See also: Supertop.

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