Monday, August 21, 2017

iTunes U Collections Are Moving to Apple Podcasts

John Voorhees:

Apple has announced that in September, when iTunes 12.7 is released, it will migrate iTunes U collections to Apple Podcasts. iTunes U courses will be available only through the iTunes U app on iOS.

iTunes U was launched in 2007 to offer downloadable collections of free educational content through the iTunes Store. In 2012, Apple introduced the iTunes U iOS app, which allowed educators to create iTunes U courses that go beyond audio and video by incorporating handouts, homework, quizzes, ebooks, and other content. Although courses are currently listed alongside collections in iTunes on macOS, courses are designed to work best in the iTunes U app, which is iOS-only.

This may break some courses, since it’s not clear whether Apple Podcasts supports ePub files. The audio will still be available in iTunes for Mac, as there is no Mac version of Apple Podcasts, but the Mac version of iTunes will lose the ability to view the course materials.

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