Tuesday, August 15, 2017

F.lux 4

f.lux Software (via Hacker News):

Now f.lux can adapt to your schedule, so by telling it when you wake up, f.lux will automatically adjust throughout the seasons to help you synchronize to the day.

We’ve also tried to explain a really big topic: how light affects your body. So there are some numbers in f.lux now that indicate how bright your screen is, compared to standing outside on a bright day.

We’ve improved performance, so f.lux will have much less impact on your system and on games especially.

I never really used the more advanced features, so I’ve been pretty happy with Night Shift.

Update (2017-08-17): Ashley Bischoff:

For what it’s worth, it looks like F.lux 4 has only been released for Windows so far.

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The current version for Mac appears to be 39.983 (that's what I'm running, and “check for updates” reports none available). Their web site has always been very opaque about version history and release notes.

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