Monday, July 31, 2017

Reddit Raises $200M, Rewrites Code

Kurt Wagner (via Hacker News):

Reddit has raised $200 million in new venture funding and is now valued at $1.8 billion, according to CEO Steve Huffman.


Huffman’s plan for the new funding includes a redesign of — the company is literally re-writing all of its code, some of which is more than a decade old. An early version of the new design, which we saw during our interview, looks similar to Facebook’s News Feed or Twitter’s Timeline: A never-ending feed of content broken up into “cards” with more visuals to lure people into the conversations hidden underneath.


Reddit is also beefing up its video efforts, and recently launched a beta feature that lets users upload videos directly to the site for the first time.

Supporting video could potentially be very interesting. Making the design more like Facebook would probably make it less appealing to me, though.


We’re making some changes to our Privacy Policy. Specifically, we’re phasing out Do Not Track, which isn’t supported by all browsers, doesn’t work on mobile, and is implemented by few—if any—advertisers, and replacing it with our own privacy controls.

See also: David Heinemeier Hansson.

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Hope they'll drop support for google AMP

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