Thursday, July 20, 2017

APFS and Fast Catalog Search

Thomas Tempelmann:

The good news is: The APFS file system code has support for the lower level searchfs function, and that’s been already added in 2016, apparently, for OS X 10.12.


As of now (10.12.6, 10.13 beta 3), the searchfs function does search case-sensitive and not case-insensitive as it should.


Much worse, though, is that the high-level FSCatalogSearch is entirely broken for APFS. That’s why both EasyFind and FAF won’t find files the fast way on APFS volumes right now. I don’t understand why FSCatalogSearch doesn’t work, though - it’s supposed to simply call the lower-level searchfs function, which on HFS+ volumes does still work fine. Unfortunately, Apple has declared FSCatalogSearch deprecated a few years ago, even though there’s no replacement function offered by the more modern NSURL based API. Because of this deprecation it’s unlikely that this will get addressed.

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