Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Fantastical 2.4 for Mac


You can now view, create, and edit attachments on iCloud and Exchange, as well as view attachments on Google Calendar.


Set and view travel time for events, and receive automatic time to leave notifications to ensure you get to your events on time.


Fantastical now has full undo and redo support for adding, editing, and deleting events and reminders.


Ever end up with so many events on one day that you can’t see them all in the Month view? There’s now an easier way to see those additional events. Click on the “more…” label on a busy day it will temporarily expand to show you everything on that day.

It’s like they read my mind and implemented my four most-wanted features. Great update. Hopefully attachments and travel time will also come to the iOS version soon.

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And more, combined duplicate events is incredibly awesome — if you have read-only subscribed calendars and want to add things to them, you now only see one copy of the events.

Finally feel like I'm getting back to having a calendar app I really *like*; the last time this happened was many years ago with Claris Organizer/Palm Desktop for Mac.

I wish it had daily weather forecast info!

David Lerner

I use Weather Underground to display local weather in my Fantastical calendar. Admittedly I have to subscribe based on what is local for me, it doesn't change when I travel. So for New York City,


Just subscribe to a weather feed in .ics format such as:

I just wish Command + Q wouldn't quit the mini calendar—whenever I have the full calendar open, I want to quit it, but then it quits the menu calendar as well.

@Zack: It should throw up an "Are you sure you want to quit Fantastical" dialog box when you hit Command + Q. However, you can tell it to "Do not show this message again," and if you do that I'm not sure how you reset it.

Just when IT turns off attachments in Exchange. Fantastical suffers, because Microsoft can't do things right.


When I want an application to not listen to a Command+Q I block it using Keyboard Maestro.

I still miss a possibilty to delete invitations without decling them.


I like to move calendar invication-based entries around and change their description. That is not possible, so I have to create my own entries and that means that I do not need the original entries anymore …

(And is there still a conventional way to create entries?)

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