Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Google Tries Swiftify Converter

Ibrahim Ulukaya (via Peter Steinberger):

Recently @ToddKerpelman and I converted a reference iOS Google Cast app to Swift. […] Blame me being lazy. I didn’t want to do to mundane work of declaring each variable and function in Swift. I decided to take a leap in faith and try a converter tool as a starter.


What I received looked like a Swift code. There were double definitions of the variables as they got imported from both .h and .m. Some of the definitions that should’ve been on the top of the file were on the bottom. But in general it looked like I saved tons of hours of mundane work to fix dots and parentheses. Because of the original code, I even saw definitions like private(set) public var.


Swiftify saved us valuable time instead of converting the project line by line. (As long as you [know] it’s not going to do the all work for you. It’ll be a guesstimate.)

Previously: J2ObjC.

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Martin Marconcini

Michael, you have a typo, I think you mean “As long as you know it’s not…” (instead of “As long as you now it’s…”)

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