Wednesday, June 28, 2017

iPad File Transfer Frustrations

Mark Alldritt:

In the end, I had to FTP the file (using Panic’s Transmit) from the iPad to my Mac. From there I could copy the file to a USB memory stick. Side note: When sharing a massive file like this, the iPad should not go to sleep in the middle and abort the share operation – it sucked having to baby sit the thing to keep it from going to sleep.

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Once you setup and use Resilio Sync (ex BT Sync), you could never go back ;) iTunes will be needed only to backup.
If/when Syncthing gets a native iOS client (and also becomes stable), it will be another option (that has multi-version capability).

@Anon Resilio Sync is great on the Mac. I haven’t used it on iOS, though, since it doesn't seem to be supported by the viewers/editors that I use.

Now that they have 'Files', it seems to me Apple should just suck it up and allow Files to also work with plugged-in SD cards or USB sticks. I really wonder if it will ever happen.

@Michael - Resilio Sync on iOS has some shortcomings : the biggest one being it cannot "sync" in the background, because Apple does not allow non-http(s) communication in the background. The support for other apps - viewers/editors are app specific, as most do not have proper support for Document Picker/Viewer APIs. I am hoping with iOS 11, it will be addressed, since Apple is pushing the "Files" app and Resilio Sync can be part of that and hopefully most apps will work better.

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