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Acorn 6 Public Beta

Gus Mueller:

We’re doing something new with trials in Acorn 6. The direct version will get its usual 14 day trial, but after that’s up you’ll be able to still use Acorn to view your images. The only change will be that the tools are disabled if you choose not to purchase it. We’re also doing this for the App Store version in Acorn 6. When Acorn officially ships you’ll be able to download it for free and “purchase” a 14 day trial for $0.00. When that’s up you can keep on using Acorn to view your images, or you can unlock Acorn at the usual price. This will make it really easy for App Store customers to download Acorn and try it out.


If you purchase Acorn 5 directly from us between now and Acorn 6’s release, you’ll be emailed an Acorn 6 license when it ships. We aren’t able to do this for the App Store however (sorry).

The new version of Acorn sounds great. I still think this expiring $0 IAP is a confusing hack that’s worse for all parties than actual App Store support for trials.

Update (2017-07-12): Acorn 6 has shipped.

Scott Forstall Discusses the iPhone’s Creation

Computer History Museum:

Museum Historian John Markoff moderates a discussion with former iPhone team members Hugo Fiennes, Nitin Ganatra and Scott Herz, followed by a conversation with Scott Forstall.

Via Chance Miller, who has some good quotes, although I recommend watching the whole video. It’s too bad that Cook and Forstall couldn’t coexist.

Update (2017-06-22): Here’s the video on YouTube.

Update (2017-06-27): WSJ (via Chance Miller):

On the iPhone’s 10th birthday, former Apple executives Scott Forstall, Tony Fadell and Greg Christie recount the arduous process of turning Steve Jobs’s vision into one of the best-selling products ever made.

There’s some good stuff about the development of the keyboard.

Update (2018-05-08): See also: Part 2.