Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Inside Apple’s Global War on Leakers

William Turton:

To make sure of it, Apple has built an infrastructure and a team “to come after these leakers,” Joswiak says, and “they’re being quite effective.”


However, Rice says, Apple has cracked down on leaks from its factories so successfully that more breaches are now happening on Apple’s campuses in California than its factories abroad.


The stolen parts often end up in Huaqiangbei, one of the biggest electronics markets in the world, located in Shenzhen, Southern China. This market employs about a half million people and does about $20 billion a year in revenue, Rice says. One “particularly painful year” was 2013, when Apple had to buy back about 19,000 enclosures before the iPhone 5C announcement, he recalls, and then an additional 11,000 before the phones were shipped to customers. “So we’re buying as fast as we possibly can to try to keep it out of every blog on Earth,” Rice says.

Lots of stuff was kept secret for WWDC 2017.

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