Monday, June 12, 2017

AppleCare+ Comes to the Mac

Andrew Cunningham:

For the last few years, the “AppleCare” plans that have protected the Mac have differed from the “AppleCare+” plans for iPhones and iPads in a couple of ways. Standard AppleCare boosted Mac warranties from one to three years, while AppleCare+ only extended warranties from one to two years but also included up to two flat-rate repairs for accidental damage (the price varies by device and by damage type, but typically doesn’t exceed $99). AppleCare could also be purchased and added to your Mac as long as it was within its one-year standard warranty period, while AppleCare+ could only be purchased within the first 60 days of ownership.

Now, there’s also a version of AppleCare+ for the Mac that brings both good and bad changes. On the good side, you still get three years of coverage, and you now get accidental damage coverage, too (a $99 flat fee covers “screen or external enclosure damage,” while $299 takes care of “other damage”). On the bad side, you now have to decide if you want the extra coverage within 60 days of your purchase.

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