Friday, May 12, 2017

Secret Audio and Key Recording

Dan Goodin:

Almost a year after app developer SilverPush vowed to kill its privacy-threatening software that used inaudible sound embedded into TV commercials to covertly track phone users, the technology is more popular than ever, with more than 200 Android apps that have been downloaded millions of times from the official Google Play market, according to a recently published research paper.


SilverPush founder Hitesh Chawla said the finding surprised him because his company abandoned the ad-tracking business in late 2015.

Dan Goodin:

HP is selling more than two dozen models of laptops and tablets that covertly monitor every keystroke a user makes, security researchers warned Thursday. The devices then store the key presses in an unencrypted file on the hard drive.

People trust Apple to protect them from this kind of stuff.

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