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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Essential Tech Companies

Farhad Manjoo:

What’s the order in which you would drop Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook from your life, if forced to — from first to last.

For me, it would be Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Apple. The first two would be relatively easy. The last two would be hard.

Update (2017-05-06): See also: Aristotle Pagaltzis.

Update (2017-05-12): See also: John Gruber.

Apple Services

Ryan Christoffel:

Services are a key component of modern Apple. The way the company defines itself, along with the numerous services shoutouts in quarterly earnings calls, prove that.

Despite Apple’s increased focus on services, the common narrative that the company “can’t do services” still hangs around – in online tech circles at least.

But is that narrative still true, or has it grown outdated?

Going through the services he lists:

Update (2017-05-04): Nick Heer:

Despite their presently-good state, however, I get a wary look whenever I recommend many of Apple’s services to someone who asks. A lot of people have been burned before by bad experiences with Maps or iTunes, and are reluctant to trust in more Apple services.

Update (2017-05-06): Nick Heer:

A week later, I received an email from someone in iCloud engineering. She scheduled a call and worked on my case personally. She was able to resolve the bug on my iPhone remotely, but found that a similar bug with Photos on the web wasn’t fixed yet. She filed an internal ticket; nearly a month later, it was fixed, too.

A system like this isn’t scalable. iCloud bugs are such a mysterious black box that a technician at an Apple Store or typical phone support would not be able to assist with resolving them.

Update (2017-05-10): Jordan Merrick:

My experience has been the same as Ryan’s: Apple’s services really are very good and that poor reputation isn’t reflective of what the company achieves today. I’ve since gone all-in and even moved away from some popular third-party alternatives completely.

Update (2017-05-13): Dan Masters:

I used Google Maps for navigation for the first time in ages.

I am flabbergasted by how superior it is to Apple Maps in almost every way[…]

Update (2017-09-04): My mother shoots photos with an iPhone, which uploads them to iCloud Photo Library. Unfortunately, her iPad that syncs with iCloud Photo Library never ends up with a complete set of the photos. It gets about 95% of them, but it’s as if the rest never existed.

Update (2018-10-04): Dominik Wagner:

Messages does have an exceptionally bad day today for me. Total stall around noon where not a single message got out and needed restart. Now late buzzing notifications on many of my devices while messages are already read instantly on laptop. sigh

Felix Krause:

I’m so glad Apple prioritized iMessage stickers over showing text messages in the right order and syncing messages across devices