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AirPods Shipping Delay

John Gruber:

But if you order them today, they’re still on a 6-week shipping delay. They’re either unexpectedly popular (like last year’s iPhone SE) or unexpectedly difficult to manufacture (or both).

I’m not sure what to make of this. They were originally introduced last September, supposed to ship in October, and actually shipped in December. They continue to work really well for me, except for Siri, which I turned off. Based on my personal experience, I would expect them to be a hit, except that I don’t hear people offline talking about them and have only ever seen one pair in the wild.


They have never been in stock in any noticeable quantity at the Kenwood Towne Center store in Cincinnati.

As I commented on my retweet of Gruber's post, a site called can alert you when the Airpods are in stock at a local Apple store. It is free, and I was able to buy a pair for my wife within 24 hours of turning on the alert. Their prior site (and maybe the current one) showed "stock history" which revealed that many stores get frequent small shipments. They usually sell out within an hour of receipt.

I, too, have only seen one pair in the wild.

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