Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Kindle iOS App Adds “Send to Kindle” Feature

Tim Hardwick:

Amazon has added a long-awaited Pocket-style read-it-later feature to its Kindle iOS app that allows users browsing the web to send articles to their Kindle device for offline reading.

Amazon has offered desktop Chrome and Firefox browser extensions to feed into its Send to Kindle feature for some time, but the company had not offered a Safari-compatible iOS solution until now.

This is a good feature to have, even though I already use Instapaper, because sometimes I want to send one particular article right now. Plus, it’s easier for people who don’t already use a reading service. It also works in other apps besides Safari, and you can set it not to save the document in the cloud (so you don’t have to clear it out later).

It’s shocking that this took so long, but Amazon doesn’t seem to care that much about its iOS or Mac apps. Despite the more advanced iOS platform, the iOS Kindle app has fewer features and views than an actual Kindle. Collections-related features are particularly lacking and buggy, whereas they work perfectly from Amazon’s hardware.

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Kashif Shaikh

I hate the kindle apps so much, especially on MacOSX where it has no smooth scrolling when using magic mouse or trackpad.

I try very hard to buy epub or pdf books when possible, so my books don't get locked into Amazon's walled garden.

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