Friday, March 10, 2017

St. Clair Software Leaves the Mac App Store

Jon Gotow:

For both applications, complying with Apple’s sandboxing and feature constraints to get them approved for sale would have required significant rewrites. And in Jettison’s case, it would also require that buyers download a separate helper app to enable its full functionality. I realize that some people will be put off or inconvenienced by the fact that these apps are no longer in the Mac App Store – my apologies if you’re one of those folks, but it just doesn’t make sense for Jettison and HistoryHound.

Their other two products are App Tamer, which I’ve been meaning to try to reduce Dropbox’s CPU use, and the venerable Default Folder X. Those are probably impossible to sandbox.

Update (2017-03-11): See also: Sip and Videoloupe (via Bad Uncle Leo).

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