Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Living and Dying on His Own Terms

Ray Holley (via Dori Smith):

Indeed, [Tom] Negrino walked with a bit of a sway, but he went everywhere vigorously and purposefully. He was the author of 48 books, focusing on Macintosh computers and software. He wrote on his website, “I’ve been writing about Macs, other computers and software since dinosaurs ruled the earth. OK, it’s actually been since 1987.”

Negrino was a contributing editor for Macworld Magazine and a leading figure in the Macintosh movement in Southern California, where he met Smith.

Thank you for decades of good writing. Thank you for recommending my software. Best wishes for whatever comes next.

Update (2017-03-08): Negrino’s own announcement from May 2016.

Update (2017-03-09): See also: John Gruber, Kirk McElhearn, Jason Snell.

Update (2017-03-11): See also: Adam C. Engst (tweet).

Update (2017-03-12): See also: Andy Ihnatko.

Update (2017-03-14): See also: John Moltz.

Update (2017-03-15): See also: Jeff Carlson and Dori Smith.

Update (2017-03-16): See also: Jean MacDonald.

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