Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Sierra Stuck Mouse Cursor Graphic Bug

Stephen Braddy:

I have been reporting this problem (and others like it) to Apple Support for a long time now. So far I have been completely ignored. No fixes were ever made for the UI problems I have found in 10.11 and 10.12.

I was easily able to reproduce all but one of his examples on my Mac. I had seen a few of these cases before, but my use patterns are such that I don’t run into this bug very often, and thus it has not caused as much frustration for me.

Pierre Igot:

In what world is it OK to have a cursor like this one when the mouse is right in the middle of a paragraph of text in a word processor?

I really don’t know what it would take to make @apple acknowledge the flakiness of context-based cursor changes in #macOS AND ELIMINATE IT.

Update (2017-03-08): Nick Heer:

It was trivial for me to reproduce Stephen Braddy’s bug video, and it’s something I’ve noticed all the time on MacOS for the past couple of major versions of the operating system.

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This kind of bugs has been in Mac OS X since Mac OS X 10.0. Apple just does not care about fixing these problems. But maybe reproducible videos like this one can entice them to do some things.

The only cursor icon that is correctly represented every single time is the Spinning Beach Ball of Death.

I've had this issue since at least 10.5, if not before. At first I didn't pay it much mind because I didn't see it very often. Then I thought it was just an odd issue my hackintosh had. Now that I'm using Apple hardware again and seeing this happen more often, ugh. The worst is when you have the text selection cursor and it persists when you move it outside of a text view and over the desktop... easy way to lose track of where the cursor went. I usually end up right-clicking just to find it again. Maybe that's why the "shake-to-find-cursor" feature got top billing the other year...

A common one that I used to encounter (since 10.4, at least) was the cursor erratically getting stuck as a resizer when moved out of the Dock resizing handle area without touching any of the icons in the dock. The radar I filed was marked as a duplicate. IIRC this one was finally fixed in 10.10.

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